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What Happens to Your Body While Intermittent Fasting

Updated: May 27

What Happens to Your Body While Fasting?

  • Your body uses up blood sugar (glucose) which you have plenty of from the moment you wake up

  • Once this sugar is used up, your body taps into glycogen stores (stored glucose) that you have within your muscle and liver, which were stored from the last meal you ate the day before fasting.

  • Once glycogen depletes, and no more remains, your body needs to find another fuel source for energy… FAT STORES!!! (This happens ~12 hours into your fast).

  • Fat stores are now the primary fuel source, and this is when the benefits begin to occur.

  • Where you stored most of your glycogen (your liver) is where you’ll also start producing ketones from some of the fats pulled from your fat stores so you can get some of that clean energy that your mitochondria will appreciate!!!

  • Although they say the brain prefers sugar for energy, ketones provide neuroprotective benefits along with a cleaner fuel that your brain might actually prefer.

It's not wonder the greatest and most iconic figures in history preached about it!

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